FLESHGORE think about record cover song...
10-06-2014 - Recording guest vocals

Recording guest vocals for our new song with singer of Ezophagothomia, Vitaly Drozdov. New album coming soon...



FLESHGORE think about record cover song... Interested for your opinion. VOTE HERE!

29-10-2013 - Polish trip is a history!

FLESHGORE are back from Domain of Death Tour 2013! Thanx to ENDOCRANIAL and ZOOFAGUS for great time, support and a lot of fun on the road! Stay metal!!! 







30-09-2013 - FLESHGORE on tour over Poland

FLESHGORE announced "DOMAIN OF DEATH TOUR" 2013 dates! On October 17th starts our tour over Poland in a company of ukrainian brutal brigades ENDOCRANIAL and ZOOFAGUS. We hope to see all our fans and all death metalheads at our gigs! See ya soon! Stay metal!!!


Attention!!! Show in Bydgoszcz was moved to other venue! Show will be at ESTRADA CLUB!!!



04-09-2013 - Fleshgore at home studio, July 2013

Hi everybody! Here is video from our recorings process. Fleshgore at home studio, July 2013. Stay in touch for updates! 


13-08-2013 - Vocals were recorded!

Completed accumulation vocals for the EP "Domain of Death" and now the band begins to the final process - mixing the material. Stay tuned for updates.


01-08-2013 - New artwork for EP “DOMAIN OF DEATH" is announced!

The cover of our newest EP "Domain of Death" has been finally unveiled. The artwork has been created by Seeming Watcher and we are extremely proud to collaborate with this talented artist. We can assure you that will work with him in the future as well.

Also, a limited edition of men's and women's T-shirts "Domain of Death" and "Ministry of Fear" has been released. The merch can be purchased at the MHM festival this August.


Right after the festival FLESHGORE will return to studio to finish recording the vocals for the upcoming EP.   







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